Eliza “In Her Own Words” in Bizwomen: The Business Journals

Eliza Graham, of Sage+Sisters, takes a natural approach to menopause.

Eliza “In Her Own Words” in Bizwomen: The Business Journals


Even as COVID virtually shut down the world, everyday health matters, including menstrual cycles, continued to play a role in women’s lives. Eliza Graham entered menopause during the pandemic and, as she was learning about what was happening to her body, she and her partner Christy Halvorson Ross created a platform to teach others as well. Sage+Sisters takes a natural approach to menopause, and teaches you how nutrition and lifestyle can have a big impact on your menopause symptoms. In an article in Bizwomen, Eliza elaborates on this mission:

“Well-meaning medical practitioners have emphasized the importance of menopausal education in the context of choice; women need the facts in order to choose how best to proceed. However, the only real choice offered in medicine, unfortunately, is whether to start on hormone replacement therapy or not. We sought to hugely expand the conversation by building online educational programs featuring midlife-supportive foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes to reduce current symptoms and improve long-term health.

“[Sage+Sisters] approaches the menopausal years in a positive, honest, and holistic way, so as to empower women to ease into this transition, and take charge of their midlife wellness. Our platform allows women to connect with each other, learn about hormonal and nutritional science and open themselves to affirming, evidence-based prevention strategies. I consider it a blessing to spend my days reveling in the powerful healing qualities of plants and lifestyle change, while creatively brainstorming with Christy about how best to support our clients. This work is truly food for my soul.”

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