4-Week Menopause Strategies

We are excited to introduce Mini Meno, our mini-version of Sage Strategies for Menopause!

Mini Meno is a spin-off of our full 12-week program, and is packed with essential information. This is a great choice for you if you want to learn the basics but don’t feel you can take on the full program at the moment. If you’d like to delve a bit deeper and get the full experience that we created, please click here to see the 12-week program.

This bite-sized version of our ground-breaking course is 4-weeks long, and you’ll learn so much in a manageable, easily-digestible format. Scroll down below to see our syllabus for topics that we will cover. When you buy this  program, you will:

  • Receive 16 emails over the course of 4 weeks 
  • Learn about herbal and food remedies for menopausal challenges
  • Receive scientific information about menopause and nutrition
  • Learn about foods that cause hot flashes and other foods to avoid during menopause
  • Chat with other menopause sisters on our online Discussion Forum
  • Take the Menopause Rating Scale to track your symptoms
  • A discount for taking the full 12-week course later



Mini Meno is Sage+Sisters short educational course on menopause. If our 12-week signature menopause strategies course is too long for you, try out this 4-week version. Please see our syllabus below for more info. on what the course covers. Take charge of your own menopause!

Course Syllabus Chapters:

#1: Let’s get started!
#2: Essential nutrients/vitamins
#3: Fundamentals for Longevity
#4: Reframing your menopausal journey
#5: Menstrual Changes
#6: Hot flashes and phytoestrogens
#7: Weight gain
#8: Exercise
#9: Foods that Trigger Hot Flashes: Alcohol and Caffeine
#10: Stress and Adaptogens
#11: Sleep
#12: Our Brains: Mood, Memory and Focus
#13: The Vagina and Sex
#14: Long-term Health–Our Bones, Our Hearts and Our Breasts
#15: Should you consider Hormone Therapy?
#16: Looking Back, Looking Forward

*Please note the syllabus for Mini Meno is smaller than the full Sage+Sisters Syllabus.

Sage+Sisters is all about Food, Herbs, and Attitude for Menopause. We empower you to take charge of your own menopause and improve your quality of life and your longevity. Sage+Sisters offers this short educational course on menopause, and also even-shorter “projects” as well as our longer 12-week program. You can also work one-on-one with Christy and Eliza through our personalized sessions.

Sage+Sisters is a revolutionary and life-changing approach to women’s menopausal health. We take a natural, holistic, positive, evidence-based, and feminist approach to perimenopause and menopause. The program is the intersection of the physiological changes of this transition and all things nutrition and lifestyle. We guide you in creating a foundation of health and wellness in your 40’s and 50’s to help you thrive now and to keep you vibrant.


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