Project Hot Flash Relief + Longevity

Feeling HOT and wondering if you are entering menopause and what to do about it?

This 14-page PDF Project can help you feel better now and improve your longevity.

We don’t want to just motor through hot flashes and night sweats. Hot flashes should be considered wake-up calls! They are asking us to take self-care and preventative health seriously in midlife. Recent research shows that women who get hot flashes are at greater risk for cardiovascular illness, osteoporosis, and cognitive challenges. (El Khoudary et al., 2019.)

So…we have some sage advice for you! Start this era by taking this “Project Hot Flash Relief + Longevity.” Sage+Sisters offers programs to help you become the expert of your own menopause! If you’re not ready for our full 12-week program, why not start with this mini, get-it-all-at-once hot flash relief project. You’ll learn how to find symptom relief, but also how to embrace a healthy and thriving life after 50.



Nobody likes hot flashes. They are uncomfortable and bothersome and can interrupt your daily life. But did you know that hot flashes can affect your longevity? Let’s work on eliminating hot flashes for longevity, comfort, and quality of life.

If you buy this Project, you will:

  • Learn all about foods that trigger hot flashes and how hot flashes affect you today and longer term. This is cutting-edge research and what we’ve seen work for women in our practices.
  • Learn about which foods to eat during perimenopause. Are there foods that cause hot flashes? What about sugar and night sweats? Does it make sense to eat flaxseed for hot flashes? Let REAL food heal you. Put science and the wisdom of the ages into action with delicious recipes and meal ideas.
  • Improve your symptoms with lists of supportive foods, herbs, and lifestyle
  • Chat with your menopause sisters on our Discussion Forum
  • Take Action! Make sure you are doing all you can to reduce your hot flashes and improve your future health with our Take Action Checklist.

If eliminating hot flashes for longevity is of interest to you, you can also learn this and much more in our 12-week signature menopause strategies course! But to delve deeply into how to minimize your hot flashes and increase your longevity, purchase this project and take charge of your own menopause. We will give you all sorts of tips and tricks for eliminating your hot flashes (Tiny bonus tip! One of them is adaptogens.)


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