12-Week Sage Menopause Strategies

STAY VIBRANT while your body undergoes this normal change!

A 12-week Virtual Educational Experience to help you become the Expert of Your Own Menopause! Learn about this transition, embrace its gifts, remedy its challenges, nourish yourself, and strategize for your long-term health. Find out all about the foods to eat during perimenopause and menopause. When you buy this program, you will:

  • Receive 27 action-packed, printable PDF’s over the course of 12 weeks 
  • Learn about herbal and food remedies for menopausal challenges
  • Receive scientific information about menopause and nutrition
  • Learn about foods that cause hot flashes and other foods to avoid during menopause
  • Chat with your menopause sisters on our Discussion Board 
  • Take the Menopause Rating Scale to track your symptoms
  • Get product recommendations for herbs and supplements
  • Re-frame this time of your life. Learn to seize the opportunities. The more joy you bring in, the better you will actually feel. So let’s add some music into this rockstar approach!
  • Recipes, weekly projects, photos, music, and more!

Sage+Sisters is a revolutionary and life-changing approach to women’s menopausal health. We take a natural, holistic, positive, evidence-based, and feminist approach to perimenopause and menopause. The program is the intersection of the physiological changes of this transition and all things nutrition and lifestyle. We guide you in creating a foundation of health and wellness in your 40’s and 50’s to help you thrive now and to keep you vibrant.

Please read description below for more detail on this life-changing course. We hope you’ll join us!

You can also check out our shorter courses such as MiniMeno, and our Hot Flashes and Sleep Projects, AND can subscribe for our info-packed blog.



How is this program going to work? Sage+Sisters: Sage Menopause Strategies will run for 12-weeks. During that time, you will receive 2 educational and project-based emails per week and have access to delicious anti-inflammatory recipes. You will have the opportunity to participate in an online Discussion Forum and in group zoom sessions (on topics such as sleep, stress, and hot flashes.) The course will cover topics including:

  • Hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, vaginal dryness and discomfort, sex drive
  • Bone health, Heart health, Breast health
  • Estrogen and Progesterone, your hormones and what is happening with them
  • The many, many options for managing menopausal transition with food, exercise, herbs, supplements, stress management and sleep.

We will suggest dietary changes (both additions and eliminations) as we go, and also encourage you to try supportive herbs. Consistency will be key in seeing change, and you may want to have a blender on hand for a daily smoothie! 

These natural, lifestyle changes can:

  1. Assist your body in its adjustment to a new hormonal environment
  2. Assist your emotional transition
  3. Alleviate your symptoms  
  4. Support your adrenals, which continue to produce estrogen precursors during menopause
  5. Help prevent osteoporosis
  6. Help prevent cardiovascular disease


For your handy dandy convenience, here is the syllabus and order of topics for Sage+Sisters.  Please note that you will receive 2 emails per week for 12-weeks.

#1: Let’s get started! Preliminary nutrients/vitamins.
#2: Reframing your menopausal journey.
#3: Anti-Inflammatory eating. Gluten + dairy.
#4: The deal with phytoestrogens.
#5: Gut health.
#6: Menstrual changes.
#7: Hot flashes and night sweats.
#8: Sugar, Carbs and Hormones
#9: Weight gain.
#10: Exercise.
#11: Foods That Trigger Hot Flashes: Alcohol.
#12: Foods That Trigger Hot Flashes: Caffeine.
#13: Antioxidants.
#14: Stress.
#15: Adaptogenic herbs to support adrenals. Maca. Reishi. Tulsi.
#16: 3.5 Billion Ways.
#17: Sleep.
#18: Mood.
#19: Memory and focus.
#20: The Vagina.
#21: Sex.
#22: Reaching menopause. Taking a moment.
#23: Long term health–Our bones.
#24: Long term health–Our hearts.
#25: Long term health–Our breasts.
#26: Should you consider Hormone Therapy?
#27: Looking Back, Looking Forward.

We hope that implementing some of these practices into your daily life over the next few months makes a positive difference in your journey! And, It’s important to note that no one solution works for everyone with perimenopause and menopause. Each of us has our own food loves and sensitivities.  Please take that into account throughout this program. While we are offering evidence-based, healthy solutions that work for many people, you may find that you need something different.

You can also check out our shorter courses such as MiniMeno, and our Hot Flashes and Sleep Projects, AND can subscribe for our info-packed blog.

8 reviews for 12-Week Sage Menopause Strategies

  1. Lauren Goodyear

    This program not only gave me tangible actions for feeling better, it flipped my thinking about menopause and therefore shifted how I look at my life’s path. Christy and Eliza create a beautiful, supportive community. Amazing, super helpful, not-to-be-missed experience!

  2. Florence Williams

    Christy and Eliza are delightful, informed, reassuring. This course gave me some absolutely revelatory and helpful practical advice. This is the kind of sisterhood we all need!

  3. Clover Hackett

    As a woman just entering menopause, I was shocked by how much I hadn’t heard and didn’t know. This program helped me shift my mindset about menopause and learn to take control of my own journey. What an empowering experience. Thank you Eliza and Christy!

  4. Edie Ottestad

    Sage+Sisters provides holistic and natural ways to approach health, and is a great platform to learn about menopause and what triggers negative menopausal symptoms. The 12 week program, zoom sessions and website provide lifestyle and nutritional support for all aspects of menopause. I highly recommend it!

  5. Xandria Birk

    Groundbreaking material and approach. This class is full of revelations not found elsewhere! I took the class on a bit of a whim as I wasn’t much getting to the books on my shelf which all seemed principally concerned with whether or not to use hormone replacement therapy. Not only did I finally find the approach I longed for – nutrition focused, evidence based, wholistic and comprehensive, emotionally wise – but I learned crucial information about my symptoms and serious health concerns that were not at all on my radar and not something my doctor had ever mentioned. Follow up testing that I requested revealed that I was indeed at risk for both heart disease and bone loss which seemed to surprise my doctor. She wanted me to start statins immediately. Instead, using what I learned from the class and in consultation with Eliza, I was able to cut my cholesterol level 75% in five months. This class walked me back from risk of heart attack and stroke but it also filled me with a sense of comfort and community and well being. Outstanding.

  6. Heather Gaunt

    Sage+Sisters is researched, developed, and managed by two of the most thoughtful, dedicated, caring individuals you will ever meet. The broad range of information you will discover through their program will get you started in your journey of learning and managing your time and experiences through the stages of menopause, but you will find yourself returning to this information indefinitely. Their information and advice is a guide for not only this stage of our lives, but for a forever wholesome, healthy life!

  7. Elly

    I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I learned so much about my body, about the state of research on perimenopause and menopause, and about different options to ameliorate some of the more unpleasant effects of perimenopause. Most important to me is that I came away from the experience feeling empowered and invigorated about my body and this time of my life, rather than bewildered. I appreciated the chance to be in community with other people going through the same experience and to learn from their experiences. Christy and Eliza are thoughtful, well-informed, caring, and dynamic women who are committed to helping others feel confident and joyful in their bodies.

  8. Anita

    Sage+Sisters is the perfect name for the magic Eliza and Christy create with this course. I have actually taken it twice – partly bc my perimenopause brain needs repetition to retain information. I really appreciate how they have developed the course with real women in mind, how they take the time through the group session and are available to answer questions via email, and most of all how they create community though the course. They have such collective wisdom and are happy to share! Highly recommend!

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