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Lifelong friends and passionate professionals in the nutrition and wellness industry, we joined forces three years ago after seeing a need and opportunity to address menopause in a positive, honest, and holistic way. After observing the lack of information and adverse perception on the topic (menopause being seen as a disease state and the beginning of the end, and women internalizing these negative messages, all while suffering emotionally and physically) we created Sage+Sisters: Food, Herbs, and Attitude for Menopause. Our goal is to educate and empower women, easing their menopausal transition. Our platform allows women to connect with each other, learn about hormonal transition, focus on health and well-being, and open ourselves to affirming, creative prevention strategies for long-term health, all from a feminist perspective.

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Our Team

Eliza Graham, MS, CNS, LDN
Board-Certified Nutritionist, Specializing in Menopause

Eliza considers it to be a blessing to work alongside Christy in this long-neglected arena of women’s menopausal health and well-being. She celebrates the opportunity to develop and promote evidence-based educational materials with Christy. Eliza revels in the astonishing healing qualities of plants and lifestyle change, and loves brainstorming on how best to offer them to others.

Eliza is a licensed, board-certified functional nutritionist, herbalist and master naturalist, who focuses on women’s health throughout the life cycle, including fertility, pregnancy and early childhood, autoimmune conditions, digestive wellness, hormones and menopause. She completed a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2017. She is board-certified through the American Nutrition Association and licensed in the state of Maryland. Eliza is currently pursuing a certificate in functional medicine through The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), which is considered the global leader in functional medicine and a collaborator in the transformation of healthcare.  Eliza became interested in nutrition for personal reasons. The road to becoming a mother was not an easy one, and her intuition led her to explore profound changes in food and lifestyle. Infertility served as her entry point, and she now supports other women as they navigate life’s transitions and health challenges.

Eliza founded her private practice Brookfield WellBeing in 2017 and offers one-on-one, personalized nutrition consultations for women. Her practice is rooted in the idea that the body is brilliant and has tremendous capacity for healing. She believes that by addressing the causes of imbalance and supporting the body systems, we can move into vibrance and  greater well-being.

Christy Halvorson Ross, CHC, CRFE
Founder, Little Green

Christy loves being in the world of wellness and nutrition and is excited daily about the new things she is always learning! She believes plants are magic and medicinal, and that the concept of food as our fuel is real and life-altering.

Christy is a self-taught, enthusiastic and experimental chef, recipe developer, and food photographer, and a holistic Health Coach, certified through the Association of Drugless Practitioners. She completed certification in Integrative Oncology at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (2020) and Nutrition and Healthy Living at Cornell University (2019). Her initial training is from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC (2012) and The Raw Food Institute (2012). 

Her journey into the world of nutrition is a personal one. In 2007 she began helping her mom through what would be an 8-year battle with cancer, and knows the nutritional choices they made and the green juice that her mom drank daily added years onto her life. She has been focused on women’s health, cancer solutions, and nutrition research for more than a dozen years, and has seen that nutrition and lifestyle can change the course of your health for the better, starting today. 

She founded Little Green in 2012 and since then has led thousands of people through scores of cleanses, healthy meal delivery, and special programs like Reset, Restore, Rebalance through Bloom Yoga; Shift: Detox, Revitalize, and Embody Your Best Self through Flow Yoga; ReBoot through The Elements; and many more. Be the Change: Nourishing Ourselves Through Menopause is the most exciting and groundbreaking work she has done and creating it alongside her childhood bestie is a dream come true!

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