“Women in Wellness” in Authority Magazine

Women in Wellness Christy Halvorson Ross and Eliza Graham delve into menopause relief

“Women in Wellness” in Authority Magazine


Have confidence in your unique idea! Every successful business started with a spark of an idea and the confident women and men behind those ideas turned them into success stories. Hard work, vision, and confidence can get you far. These women in wellness talk about how their unique idea launched a business enterprise.

Christy Halvorson Ross and Eliza Graham were interviewed by Authority Magazine in 2022 about their innovative Sage+Sisters: Food, Herbs, and Attitude for Menopause program. We hope you’ll take a read.

Menopause hits every woman at around the age of 51. Why not start tackling its symptoms using education, nutrition, and lifestyle?! The article in Authority Magazine tells us more. To learn more about their Sage+Sisters Program link here. Sage+Sisters: Sage Menopause Strategies is a 12-week Virtual Educational Experience to help you become the Expert of Your Own Menopause. Learn about this transition, embrace its gifts, remedy its challenges, nourish yourself, and strategize for your long-term health. Find out all about the foods to eat during perimenopause and menopause.

Sage + Sisters is a revolutionary and life-changing approach to women’s menopausal health. We take a natural, holistic, positive, evidence-based and feminist approach to perimenopause and menopause. The program is the intersection of the physiological changes of this transition and all things nutrition and lifestyle. We guide you in creating a foundation of health and wellness in your 40’s and 50’s to help you thrive now and to keep you vibrant.

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